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We provide vaginal, pelvic and sexual health care that is comprehensive and evidence-based. We lead by example by delivering accessible, individualized, non-judgmental and inclusive care in sexual and pelvic medicine.

PrISM Medical Group Sexual Health Practitioners in Calgary The Team


We are Practitioners in Sexual Medicine (PrISM)


We are a group of vibrant and like-minded female health care providers who have advanced competency and experience in vulvar, vaginal, pelvic, and sexual health.  We are passionate about delivering quality care related to the pelvis, vulva and vagina, and collectively aspire to educate and empower individuals to advocate for their unique health needs.


Our medical doctors are family physicians who have a focused practice in pelvic, reproductive, hormonal and sexual health.  Their services include pap smears, STI testing and assessments, contraceptive counselling, menstrual/period concerns, pelvic pain, sexual function and urinary incontinence. They are skilled in IUD and Nexplanon placement and removal.  They are also proud to provide comprehensive perimenopause and menopause care that is based on the most current evidence in both non-hormonal and hormonal therapies.


Our physiotherapists are leaders in the pelvic floor physiotherapy community.  They have expertise in assessing and managing issues related to your pelvis and pelvic floor including pelvic pain, painful intercourse, perinatal care, incontinence, constipation, and prolapse.


We have a collaboration with a registered clinical psychologist who is focused in sexual health. While one-to-one services are not provided directly in our physical space, she can be accessed at her location ( and through our collaborative online workshops.


We work as an interdisciplinary team and provide patients with the best integrated biopsychosocial care, whether through direct service delivery or consultation amongst our providers. 


Dr. Aisling Campbell PrISM Medical Group Sexual Health Practitioners in Calgary

Dr. Aisling Campbell

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Dr. Aisling Campbell graduated from medical school at the University of Alberta and completed her residency in Family Medicine here in Calgary. She developed a passion for vaginal, sexual and reproductive health early on in her medical training and strives to create a comfortable space for patients to discuss their concerns. 

Dr. Campbell has a patient centered approach to her assessments and treatment recommendations.  She is passionate about empowering her patients by providing them with knowledge about their bodies and the “why” of their health experience.  She believes that understanding the “why” allows patients to make more informed decisions about their health.

Dr. Campbell is available for consultations for vulvovaginal concerns, contraceptive counselling, menstrual disorders, fertility challenges, early prenatal care, and menopause.  She is skilled in IUD placements and removals as well as endometrial biopsies and pessary care.  


When not working, Dr. Campbell loves to travel but she also enjoys the outdoors closer to home where you can find her hiking or paddle boarding in the summer and skiing in the winter.

Dr. Madison Young PrISM Medical Group Sexual Health Practitioners in Calgary

Dr. Madison Young

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After attending medical school in Manitoba, Dr. Young chose to specialize in family medicine in Calgary. She has always been dedicated to providing accessible, innovative and inclusive care for all patients.


She changed her focus of practice in the summer of 2022 to dive deeper into the unmet needs of the sufferers of pelvic pain, vaginal concerns, menstrual disorders, sex disorders and painful sex disorders. She also now also focuses on aging women’s health including menopause management.


Dr. Young prides herself on her ability to listen to her patients concerns and create a treatment plan that is patient-centred. 

Pelvic Physiotherapist Susie Smith PrISM Medical Group Sexual Health Practitioners in Calgary

Susie Smith

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Pelvic Physiotherapist


Susie completed her Masters of Physiotherapy at the University of Alberta in 2008 and started her career here in Calgary. Originally from Nova Scotia, she has also lived and worked in Sydney, Australia, but calls Calgary home.

She is passionate about patient care and education, and is a keen manual therapist. She has taken additional training in acupuncture, IMS, spinal manipulation, biomechanical dysfunction, diagnostic imaging, pelvic health and pediatric pelvic health.

Being a mom of two and seeing how important pelvic health is so overall health, Susie immersed herself into learning pelvic health and has been working with clients on a variety of pelvic conditions including urinary and fecal incontinence, painful intercourse, pelvic organ prolapse, pelvic pain conditions, and pregnancy related pelvic conditions. She loves to connect with patients and understands the importance of trust and feeling supported throughout treatment.

Susie is also treating pediatric patients for pelvic conditions including constipation, fecal and urinary incontinence, bedwetting, chronic urinary tract infections, and pain in the pelvis, hips and back. Treatments are private, caring, and always include the parent or guardian.

When not at work you can find Susie in the pool, socializing or spending time with her family and dog!

Dr. Jennifer Kirkpatrick PrISM Medical Group Sexual Health Practitioners in Calgary

Dr. Jennifer Kirkpatrick

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Dr. Kirkpatrick was born and raised in Winnipeg, Manitoba, where she also obtained her Bachelor of Sciences and Doctor of Medicine degrees. She then moved to Alberta to complete her residency in Family Medicine through the University of Calgary, and stayed for the milder winters! 


Dr. Kirkpatrick loves to see patients for all things women’s health, including contraception, pelvic pain and dysfunction, family planning and routine sexual health screening. She is trained in the insertion and removal of IUD’s, Nexplanon, and endometrial biopsies. Dr. Kirkpatrick is known and admired for her gentle and transparent approach, providing patients with a safe space to discuss their sensitive health matters. 


Outside of women’s health, Dr. Kirkpatrick can be found covering for her general family practice colleagues in various clinics across Calgary. In her spare time, she enjoys travel, exploring the outdoors, and spending time with friends and family - both near and far.

Pelvic Physiotherapist Alana Devlin PrISM Medical Group Sexual Health Practitioners in Calgary

Alana Devlin

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Pelvic Physiotherapist 


Alana is proud to be an advanced practice physiotherapy clinician in female pelvic health with over 2 decades of experience. She has participated in advanced training throughout Canada and the US as well as being a mentor, speaker, and educator to other medical professionals. Alana obtained her degree in Physiotherapy from the University of Manitoba in 1996. She holds a certification to practice anatomical acupuncture and needling through the Acupuncture Foundation of Canada.


She became a certified manipulative therapist in 2002 and began to pursue further advanced training in her passion for women's health. She holds a certificate of achievement in pregnancy/postpartum physical therapy as well as a certificate of achievement in pelvic physical therapy through the American Physical Therapy Association. Alana completed her Doctoral degree in physical therapy with a focus on women’s health, in the summer of 2021. Alana is fortunate to work in close alliance with gynecology, gastroenterology, and urogynecology and has much experience in pre-and post-operative treatment for gynecological and pelvic surgical interventions. 


Alana is passionate about pelvic health disorders ranging from fecal and urinary incontinence, constipation, painful intercourse (dyspareunia), pre-and postnatal education and treatment, prolapse, and other types of pelvic pain. She is particularly interested in the promotion of women's health and providing education regarding under-recognized women's health concerns.

Dr. Lauren Walker  PrISM Medical Group Sexual Health Practitioners in Calgary

Dr. Lauren Walker

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PhD, RPsych

Lauren loves working with couples and individuals who are interested in enhancing their intimate relationships and sexual lives. She is a therapist, researcher, author and entrepreneur. She translates science about sexuality into real life, and helps people grow in the areas of sexuality, intimacy, relationships and self-care. Her passions include reducing stigma associated with sexuality, mental health and health.


After completing her PhD in 2013, she completed a specialized clinical fellowship in sexual dysfunction after cancer treatment where she received mentorship from nationally recognized experts in sexual medicine. 

She also received Calgary's Avenue Magazine's Top 40 Under 40 award. This prestigious award distinguishes recipients as rising stars; high achievers who are impacting their field and the broader community, and who are moving the city of Calgary forward.


Lauren has developed several innovative sexual health programs for cancer patients and also directs the Oncology Sexual Health Lab at the University of Calgary. There she is on faculty as an Adjunct Associate Professor where she conducts research on sexuality. She has over 50 scientific publications on the topic of cancer and sexuality.

Though she's not sure the "perfect balance" really exists, she tries to balance her career, with being a wife and also a mom to a young daughter. She loves skiing, golf, and working out, listening to music, and enjoying food with friends.

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